Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 2: What Do I Do All Day?

6:00-- Wake up to Chloe crying. Ugh! It's too early....good thing that girl is cute in the morning!

7:00-- Ryan, Chloe and I are awake. We make a quick run to Mike's favorite breakfast place, Einstein's Bagel. One chocolate chip, one whole wheat, 11 cinnamon and sugar later we are enticing Daddy to wake up and enjoy the goodness with us.

9:15-- Out the door to Hobby Lobby....wasn't I just there yesterday!? I grab some fabric for a photo shoot later in the day.

10:00-- Meet at play group and help wrap boxes up for the church Christmas party tomorrow.

11:30-- Quick put Chloe to bed, eat 4 chicken nuggets, grab my photo shoot stuff and go to take pictures of a little guy.

12:30-- The little guy mentioned above, doesn't want photos right now....he wants to eat, without me there. We make arrangements that mama will feed and then I will come back. (We only live 3 minutes apart!) I come back home and read books with Ryan. Nothing better than him snuggling up to me to read a book. 

1:15-- Chloe wakes up. I am about to get her when I get a call from little guy's mama. Baby is fed and ready for more pictures. So I slip out the door and tell Mike I will only be another 20, maybe 30 minutes. I thin he knows better though.

1:30-- So happy that I can take pictures and make memories last for other people! Sweet little baby boy.

2:45-- Home again. Chloe is happy to see mommy.

3:30-- We are cleaning out our garage and Mike notices our neighbor across the street, who is a cop. He tells him about the car that has been left in front of our house for 3 months. A tow truck and an other cop come and take it away! Ryan thought that was the coolest thing ever!

4:45-- Dishes and dinner. Tonight is simple again....dumplings from Costco. They take 10 minutes and are Ryan's favorite. Pre-dinner is carrots, cucumber and broccoli and frozen blueberries. Chloe didn't touch a vegetable but ate all her blueberries and then didn't stick around for dinner. Ryan didn't like his broccoli tonight but ate everything else up and 5 dumplings. He can pack it down when he likes it.

5:30-- Kids are ready for bed and we are out for a walk to look at Christmas lights! We go to our favorites and then head home because at this point Chloe is crying and won't let me set her down so I am pushing Ryan in the stroller and holding Chloe with the other hand (typical).

6:30-- Kids asleep!

7:00-- Begin more grouting! But there is an end in fact we finished the grouting tonight! Oh Happy Day!

8:00-- Edit photos. Fun, fun fun!

**Side note: If I were to write down all the things my wonderful husband did all day the list would be lengthy! Watch kids while I go do photo shoots, fix kitchen lights by going into the attic, prep all the grouting areas, put up backer board so we can put up back splash in our kitchen, and on and on. I have an amazing husband!

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Pamela said...

I know I'm REALLY late in catching up reading your blog, but so it is. :-) I love your description of your day. You can sure pack a lot in a day! Love your photos, too!

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