Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Afternoons

Just some random pictures of yesterday afternoon.
We love Sunday afternoons because Daddy is home to play with us!

Ryan looks super focused on making it up the ladder.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We went to the zoo with Edpa yesterday. Ryan loved it. Here he is on the carousel. He smiled and laughed pretty much the whole time.
He knows how to point to everything now. When we got to the elephant-- Point, Smile, Ohh and Ahh. When we got to the Rhino that was just laying down doing nothing-- Point, Smile, Ohh and Ahh. Ryan just really loves any kind of animals. He gets so excited to pet a dog or see the duck out our front door.
I think we will have to be going back to the zoo often this summer!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ryan's birthday was wonderful! Here he is eating his little gluten-free, sugar-free cake. He seemed to like it. We celebrated Ryan and my mom's birthday (Ryan was born on my mom's birthday.)
Opening presents.

Just being cute!
This is me pushing Ryan in his new jogging stroller. Okay, so it's more for me than for Ryan but it drives like a dream. Seriously, this thing just about pushes its self. LOVE IT!
We went to the park to play in the afternoon before his party.

It's getting pretty hard to keep him from crawling away now!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Kid Will Eat ANYTHING!

So, Ryan likes to eat! That is really an understatement. He loves dirt, dandelions, grass, plastic.... When do kids grow out of the eating everything stage?
Here he is enjoying a green smoothie, we made last week, inspired by Edpa.

Ryan has had a cough the last few days and I started to get a sore throat so I am going to beat it by taking some garlic. As I was preparing to swallow my garlic cloves Ryan is hanging on my leg wanting up. So I put him on the counter while I continue working. He grabbed the garlic clove and popped it in his mouth. About a minute later the whole thing was gone. He ate 4 garlic cloves today! Who does that? Wow! This kid really will eat anything!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tulip Festival

I just love going to this each year at Thanksgiving Point. Below are a few of my favorites. I took a lot of pictures while there.

{Edpa being a goof!}

Thanks Grandma and Edpa for a fun afternoon!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Front Door Flower Basket from a Wire Hanger

I've really been wanting something to spruce up the front door of our apartment. Here is my little flower basket.
What I Used:
-Wire Hanger
-Coconut Palm Liner ($3.00 @ Wal-Mart)
-Twisty Ties (the annoying ones that make it impossible to get your child's toy out of the box)
-Permanent Magic Marker
Total Cost: $3.50 including flowers.
I went with the flowers I did because they only need partial sun and my door doesn't see much sunlight. If you get full sun you could put some really beautiful flowers in.


I wanted to make some coasters that would match my home decor. (Do I even y have a home decor? Not really, but these would be the colors if I did.)
So this is what I came up with. Super Simple and Cheap!

I got the cork mat from Walmart in the gardening section for $.83.
-Mod Podge your choice of paper on the cork mat and let dry.
-Finish by spraying with a protective gloss.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Favorite Pictures

{Bridge in Switzerland}
{Cool Looking Building}
{Castle in Gruyere}
{Waterfront Buildings on Lake Geneve}
{Fortress Wall dating back to the 1500's, Gruyere}
{Random Farmer's Market in Anncey, France}
{Anncey, France}
{Peacock. I just like this picture!}
{Flower arrangement overlooking Lake Geneve}

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