Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Kid Will Eat ANYTHING!

So, Ryan likes to eat! That is really an understatement. He loves dirt, dandelions, grass, plastic.... When do kids grow out of the eating everything stage?
Here he is enjoying a green smoothie, we made last week, inspired by Edpa.

Ryan has had a cough the last few days and I started to get a sore throat so I am going to beat it by taking some garlic. As I was preparing to swallow my garlic cloves Ryan is hanging on my leg wanting up. So I put him on the counter while I continue working. He grabbed the garlic clove and popped it in his mouth. About a minute later the whole thing was gone. He ate 4 garlic cloves today! Who does that? Wow! This kid really will eat anything!


Christine said...

That is hilarious! And to think - I can't get my kids to eat NORMAL food sometimes. (Jacob wouldn't eat ice cream for years. Grace doesn't like pasta...)

So cute - give the little guy a hug for me!

Becky said...

Yuck! But I suppose that is good for him (except for the plastic and dirt and other yucky things).
James is still in that phase so I'll let you know when he gets over it! I hope cRy Ry gets better soon!
See you in a weekish!


thanks for your for getting him to sleep at night without napping, I simply changed up his routine. After dinner I would nurse him, give him a bath and then put him in his pjs for bed. Before, I would feed him dinner, bath, pjs and then nurse him to sleep. Also, now when I nurse him in the evening I make sure the room is well lit so he doesn't doze off. Then at 7:45pm, I would snuggle with him and then lay him down. He cried for about 45 minutes the first night, then 20 min the next and 10 the next until now he goes down with hardly a sound. It's the cry it out method and it works! Good luck! Maybe you could help me get my child to eat like yours. Adulus won't even try things...he's so picky!


Ooops, I meant to say nursing, not "napping"

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