Thursday, December 31, 2009

7 Months!

Well, it's been a while since I've posted and a lot has happened...birthday parties, trips to grandparents, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It seems in one short month Ryan has exploded with activity. We have now "baby proofed" our house-- as if there is such a thing-- because Ryan is everywhere!

First off, Elsie (my niece) had a birthday and we came to help celebrate!

Here's Ashlyn and Lexi (other nieces) skatin' it up at the party.

Daddy and RyRy hangin' out. It was pretty loud there and Ryan really didn't know what to think about it. He also desperately needed a nap but since he doesn't sleep outside his crib...
On to Thanksgiving...and the aftermath. Here is Mike relaxing after feasting.

And Lexi came to join him.
Me, Lexi and Boy doing the dishes together.

And here's Lexi gearing up for our walk after the Thanksgiving meal.
Mike and I took Ryan to the Festival of Trees. I wasn't as impressed this year with the trees. That might have been because I was carrying Ry the whole time, he was getting fussy, & it was super crowed so we really just walked by the trees quickly. No the less, it was beautiful and a favorite tradition of mine during the holidays.

Ryan really loved bath time! The first time he stood up by himself (holding on to something else of course) was in the bath.

I love this picture of him peeking out! We often play peek-a-boo in the tub now.

Ryan has become a professional crawler, sitter and stander all within one month! I can hardly believe it. He's into everything, except his toys. I am not even sure why we bother. In all actuality he would prefer a good book to tear the pages out of and eat up or a plastic bag. He just can't understand why mommy won't let him have those yummy things!

Here is his classic 7 month picture.
We were able to go visit the Grandparents in Idaho this Christmas because of the good weather. Here is Ryan snuggling up with Grandpa Roscheck. If you know Ry then you know this is truly a rare occurrence.
It was so great to see everyone there as we don't make it up there as often as we'd like. Thanks for the wonderful time!

Ryan has also started on solid foods. He loves bananas and avocados and could care less for rice cereal and apple sauce.

Merry Christmas! Christmas morning we spent at home for the first time ever. It was nice and relaxing. We drank hot coco and played with Ryan.

Then we headed up to my folks house for the rest of Christmas day. Here's Grandma Fila and Ry.

Our little family on Christmas day.

Ryan is working on pulling himself up on his daddy in the picture.

And lastly, here is Ryan playing with one of his Christmas toys. He likes his toy because he can stand up and it makes noises. He usually plays with this toy for about a minute and then is on to something else but a minute is a long time to such a small little guy.

And a video of him with his new little toy. Thanks for everyone for making this holiday season such a joy. Thanks especially to Grandparents for all the things Ryan got. I know he's been having a lot of fun with them.


Monday, November 23, 2009

6 Months!

Well, here is the picture update for this month on Ry Ry.

As you can see he is getting bigger next to his little Tiger.

This is his attempt to sit up. He is actually pretty close to doing it by himself now. But for the most part he'd rather be crawling around getting into all the stuff mommy doesn't want him to get into!

In this picture his daddy is making him smile. That is why he's not looking at the camera. The rest of the time, he's pretty much memorized by the camera. I have to keep pushing him back or else he grabs on to it.

I had to get a few pics of him in a little hat.
I love his stare in his picture.

Ryan sucking on one of his favorite toys. Really he likes to suck on just about anything though.

Including his fingers.

This is of today. I found him getting into the clean laundry that I was working on putting away. He actually spit up all over the basket, thankfully very little made it to the actual clean clothes.

Well, there is an update on Ryan. As for myself.... I have been house hunting for Mike and I. I find the houses and then Mike and I go and look at them with my Mom. I think I really enjoy the real estate and maybe I will get into that more. We'll see. Well, Happy Thanksgiving ya'll.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Zoo!

As a small child my dad would take me to the Utah Hoogle Zoo. I have a lot of wonderful memories there. Since last week had good weather I decided to take Ry to the Zoo with my dad, nephew, Jaxson and niece, Lexi.
Ryan had just woken up from his nap in the car and he was a little grumpy in this first picture.
Here's Lexi trying to get over a fence to chase after...

a beautiful peacock. I love that the birds just run wild around the zoo. It's so fun.

Here's Jax.

And Lexi. She really knows how to "cheese" it up. Can you tell that one of their Grandpa's is a farmer? I love their sweatshirts!
Ry and Edpa! Thanks for going to the zoo with us Dad!

We got to see a baby elephant. This reminded me of Africa. In some of the places that we stayed you could just look out from the eating area and see wild elephants. Often there would be 5-10 of them and always some babies.

Here's a self picture of Ry and me with the giraffe in the background.
Back in the stroller....Ryan is getting heavy and I am really not very buff.

The end of our zoo trip was the train ride. This is a much anticipated event for little Jaxson.

Big yawn. Mommy was tired too!
And a little something to eat.

Here is one other random picture of Ry Ry.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Drool....Mmmm Yumm....

Well, as you can see Ryan is now a little factory of drool because he cutting two teeth now. The other night we were visiting my parents and my dad was holding Ryan. Ry's whole shirt was covered with his drool.
Other than that, Ryan has been up on his all fours and then he continues to lunge forward.

Here we are at my parents house with cousin Lexi and Elsie.
Here is my extremely cute and hansom husband! I sure love this guy.
I love Ryan's face in this next picture. We went outside while the weather is still nice and Ry is investigating the leaves. By investigating I mean eating the leaves and dirt.

P.S. Anyone following me about this house we have put an offer in on. The bank finally got back to us yesterday and accepted our offer. We are now beginning the process of accepting the house, but Mike and I are so excited!

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