Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Zoo!

As a small child my dad would take me to the Utah Hoogle Zoo. I have a lot of wonderful memories there. Since last week had good weather I decided to take Ry to the Zoo with my dad, nephew, Jaxson and niece, Lexi.
Ryan had just woken up from his nap in the car and he was a little grumpy in this first picture.
Here's Lexi trying to get over a fence to chase after...

a beautiful peacock. I love that the birds just run wild around the zoo. It's so fun.

Here's Jax.

And Lexi. She really knows how to "cheese" it up. Can you tell that one of their Grandpa's is a farmer? I love their sweatshirts!
Ry and Edpa! Thanks for going to the zoo with us Dad!

We got to see a baby elephant. This reminded me of Africa. In some of the places that we stayed you could just look out from the eating area and see wild elephants. Often there would be 5-10 of them and always some babies.

Here's a self picture of Ry and me with the giraffe in the background.
Back in the stroller....Ryan is getting heavy and I am really not very buff.

The end of our zoo trip was the train ride. This is a much anticipated event for little Jaxson.

Big yawn. Mommy was tired too!
And a little something to eat.

Here is one other random picture of Ry Ry.


Becky said...

Super cute pics! I am so excited to come and see him! (and you)! Less than a month!

Nettina said...

He is so cute!! I can't believe how big he is now! I can't wait until we have our little one :) ... it's still a while, but hey, at least it's on the way!

Pamela said...

Hi sweet things! Thanks, Brittany, for posting new pics so often. I love watching that little guy grow! I like seeing pics of you and 'my boy' (Michael), too. I'm very excited for you about your new house. Can't wait to hear details. Love you all! Pamela

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