Monday, November 9, 2009

Drool....Mmmm Yumm....

Well, as you can see Ryan is now a little factory of drool because he cutting two teeth now. The other night we were visiting my parents and my dad was holding Ryan. Ry's whole shirt was covered with his drool.
Other than that, Ryan has been up on his all fours and then he continues to lunge forward.

Here we are at my parents house with cousin Lexi and Elsie.
Here is my extremely cute and hansom husband! I sure love this guy.
I love Ryan's face in this next picture. We went outside while the weather is still nice and Ry is investigating the leaves. By investigating I mean eating the leaves and dirt.

P.S. Anyone following me about this house we have put an offer in on. The bank finally got back to us yesterday and accepted our offer. We are now beginning the process of accepting the house, but Mike and I are so excited!

1 comment:

Becky said...

At least Ryan has the decency to look like he is disgusted by the leaves. James still secretly thinks they are yummy! Of course, he says "yucky" but only cuz I say it. What he really means is "yummy!"
I hope Ryan doesn't get stuck in the eating everything phase like James has.

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