Monday, December 8, 2008

It's a Boy!

We went to our ultrasound on Friday and we found out that we are having a baby BOY! We are both very excited. Another surprise was that I am apparently not really 20 weeks along. I am really only 17 weeks, which pushes my due date back into the middle of May. I am considering taking classes next semester so that is a huge blessing if the baby comes later. Any cute boy names? We have been thinking but haven't talked too seriously as Mike is very busy with school still. Come Christmas break we will be talking baby names. That's all for now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Festival of Trees!

Today I went to the Festival of Trees with my mom, sister and her two kids. Here are a few pictures from our outing.

My niece was so darn cute. I had several people actually come up to me and ask if they could have a picture of her. She mostly gave them a dirty look as she is shy. We went quickly from tree to tree until we came to a Princess tree at which point we would finally stop and have to examine it carefully. My nephew was enamored with anything dealing with a train. All in all it was pretty fun.

One interesting tree was made completely out of glass. I took a picture because I have never seen anything like it before. There was also a tress dedicated to a friend from my old home ward that died just this last year. The Young Women from our ward made it for her.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally.... Something to blog about!

Well, after many weeks (okay only two) of bugging Mike to tell his parents about our big news he finally did it. I am pregnant! So Mike and I will be having a baby sometime at the end of April. Now I will finally have something to blog about. I will get my camera working and show you fat pictures of myself when I start getting plump around the waist line. We are so excited! It's been killing me to wait this long to tell everyone about it. Today I went to the doctors office and got to hear the baby's heart beat! Now I am officially bonded. I'll try to post more regularly and keep everyone informed.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Pictures, but maybe soon...

Well, I am a technology retard apparently because I can't get my pictures to load on my laptop so whenever Mike (which will be never seeing as he has school and work) has time I will have him get them for me. Never the less, I have taken the initiative and decided that I should write about my life anyway. I am staying busy with student teaching, but am definitely liking it more everyday. There are some crazy stories that happen though. I never heard too much about people doing drugs or alcohol when I was in school-- obvious I was naive and oblivious to the world around me. Seriously though there are kids that come to school drunk or high. Crazy! However, the majority of the kids are great. They have even started talking when you ask them a question!

On with other news, my garden is doing lovely and when the camera works I will post pictures of my 5 stocks of corn. Mind you all this is a porch garden so I don't have much space and everything is in pots, but I have fun growing my little plants and I love to discover that I have something growing. Last week I went outside only to discover that I have a zucchini growing. Bye for now.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

10th Graders!

Yesterday was my first day of student teaching. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Actually, most of the sophomores were just too nervous to even talk much. It was pretty much silence. "Any questions?".....Silence. Anyway, for those who don't know, I am a health teacher. Which basically means I talk about all the stuff that no one else would want to cover; Drugs and alcohol, sexual education, eat your fruits and veggies, violence, get off the couch and start movin', etc. It is awesome. Everything in health is applicable to life. Although it might seem common sense to some of us, (don't drink and drive) sometimes it needs to re-enforced in the classroom.

Alright Becky, I hope you are happy that I finally posted again! Everyone else, I will try to take some pictures so that ya'll don't get board with my blog. Have a great one.

Friday, July 25, 2008

First Post

Welcome to my blog everyone. Well, Becky helped me do my first digital scrap page aka layout. This is of Mike and me in Taiwan. Enjoy.

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