Friday, February 26, 2010


Here is our trip to California in pictures... And a few words. Ryan was pretty tired at this point and didn't give a hoot about the ocean. We drove down to Cali. with my mom and stayed in Las Vegas to break up the trip for Ryan. He did very well on the drive and slept much of the way. Mike was wonderful and stay in the back with Ryan the whole trip and kept him happy.

Our first little family picture at the ocean. Oh, and I got a hair cut which I love.

On Saturday, we went to the Wild Animal Park. Super cool! It reminded me of Africa.
Here's Lexi.

Ryan and I checkin' out the bird.

At the wild animal park they have a bus tour you get on that takes you to see all the animals. It's basically like going on a Safari.

On Sunday, after church we headed back to the beach. Once, we put him on the sand he promptly picked up a handful of sand and stuffed it in his mouth.

Lexi was wanting to go home at this point and take a nap.

This is Lexi molding the butterfly I painted on her face. The other side was a unicorn (I didn't take a picture of it b/c I don't know how to paint unicorns).
The worst of the trip was Ryan not taking a nap for one whole day. He maybe slept for 20 minutes. This has never happened to him. Needless to say he went to bed REALLY early that night!
For Valentine's Day, Mike and I celebrated on Saturday and went out to a Thai restaurant. We have really liked Thai food lately. It was nice to get out just by ourselves as that very rarely happens now. Thanks for babysitting Mom.

Now for Alex's Birthday! My nephew Alex Welch, turned 13 yesterday! I can't believe it, it seems like just a few years ago he was so little and fat-- now he's taller than me! In celebration we ate cake, and opened gifts. In this picture I'm standing on my tip toes, but I promise he really is taller.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I love nap time. Not only because Mommy needs a little time out and needs to start dinner but because Ryan wakes up so happy after a good nap! He is all smiles.

Right now Ryan is asleep for the second nap today. His first nap was 2.5 hours long. Way to go RyRy!

p.s. I left my camera at my parents' so I'll post pics soon.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mr. Brown Can MOO, Can You?

One of our favorite times during the day is reading time. I especially like it because it is one of the few times Ryan will sit still and cuddle up. Here are some of our favorite books.
~Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?
~Mommy Calls Me Monkeypants
~I Love You Good Night
~What's Wrong Little Pookie?

~Touch & Feel BABY ANIMALS. Ryan really loves to feel all of animals in this book.
We love lots of other books too. Please share some of your families favorites! Hope ya'll have a great day and happy reading!

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