Friday, September 4, 2009

More of Ry Ry

Here is a happy picture of RyRy. He is getting tickled and he really enjoys that. This is picture is the most recent of the
Here is another picture at the cabin. I didn't get out much with Ry. He really only has about an hour of wakefully where you can really "do" something with him and driving really isn't an option because most of the time he is just mad when he's in his car seat.

Here is cousin John-Luke, who unlike Ry, seems to fall asleep wherever just fine and he does so often.

I did manage to get a picture of him asleep in his car seat. This was after a long while of crying that he finally fell asleep.


Becky said...

Super cute little Ry Guy. And I have to say that his cousin is super handsome as well. Can you send me that pic of Pink holding him?
RyRy really does have the cutest smile!

Janelle said...

So cute! I love those super wide open eyes!

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