Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I saw God today...

There is a song with the lyrics, "I saw God today," and the guy talks about all the ways in which he saw God, mostly through the birth of his baby. Well, today was one of those days for me. Our car has been dying and we have been looking for a new one. After looking for several days and looking at our finances we came to the conclusion that we really can't afford a very good new car. So we implored God for help.

Fast forward to this morning where for the first time since Ryan's birth I went to the gym. As I am walking out there is a guy working on the junkie car that has been sitting in the same spot since we have moved into our apartment. Well, I introduce myself and ask if he needs a jump. He tells me he is a mechanic, then I explain about our car dying and he offers to fix it later in the day after he is done with work.

Fast forward again, I am feeling a little down today and then my sweet husband comes in the room and gives me a back rub. :)

Fast forward again, Ryan laughs really cute when I tickle him.

Finally, Mr. Car Fix It Man, Oscar, shows up and fixes our car. Mike just bought a new hose and it is as good as new for under $30. (Definitely within our budget!) I give Oscar a brownie, some home grown tomatoes, two CDs on health for his mother who has hypertension and what little cash I have around and call it good.

Well, God really does hear our prayers, He knows us and watches out for us and I am sure glad that I saw God today. :)

Okay, now on with Ryan. He was four months old yesterday. 14 lbs 2 oz. 25 inches long. He's been rolling over very consistently now for about two weeks. Only from his stomach to his back and he sleeps through the night very well. Last night was a glorious 10 hours! Here is his 4-months pictures. Isn't he growing so big!?

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Becky said...

Great post. I love the "stiff" pose Ryguy is taking in that last picture. I miss him already (and you too)!! Bimmy was so excited to see y'all tonight.

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