Sunday, June 24, 2012

We Moved

So I forgot to mention on this blog that we moved almost two months ago. In away it seems like where ever we are is totally home but I still miss Utah. I miss my friends and family and just how I knew where everything was and how everything worked! It's been a bit of an adjustment for our whole family.

The good news...we moved because Mike decided to not go on with his PhD and get a job instead! I am thrilled with this!!!! We were so ready to be done with school. Mike got a job in Albuquerque, NM, working for Sandia National Labs. He really enjoys work so far and I love that he only works 40 hours a week!

Also, we are in the middle of buying a house down here. Cheaper to buy than to rent! We are super excited about it. I'll post pictures when we close on it. (July 16th!)

Okay here are some pictures of the kiddos. Chloe is working on walking around stuff now.

Ryan cheesing it up at the water park we went to with some friends.

Chloe climbing the stairs. She thinks she's so big!

Ryan likes to share his popsicles with Chloe, which she loves!
Other than doing kiddo stuff...which I love MOST of the time. I have also been going out with the missionaries for my church. It has been really wonderful. Two weeks ago one of our investigates was baptized. A 12 year old boy. His mom is an amazing person. I am so lucky to know them.

Until next time,



Esther said...

Hi! Congrats on the new job! This is Esther Smidt from your Wymount ward. I've been following your blog and it has been fun to see your kids grow up! Our family is actually going to be moving to New Mexico in a few weeks as well. Joe got a postdoc working at Los Alamos National Lab. I know we will be making lots of trips to Albuquerque, it would be great to see you guys again!

Becky said...

Wait!!? You moved?
And you forgot to mention that you already had your first visitor. ME!!!!
And we are also going to be your second visitors this weekend too. I should be your official favorite family member by now. Just sayin'.
And I can't wait to squeeze that Chloe (and to irritate Ryan a bit) and have the boys play all together.

April said...

I didn't know you moved - how neat! We moved to - to CT! :) good on you being a missionary! I'm sure you will have incredible experiences. :) I hope to follow your example!

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