Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ryan's first encounter with snow.
I've tried to get him to walk in the snow before....but he had his snow suit on so all he would do is cry and want me to pick him up. Without his snow suit on he LOVES the snow. Thankfully, he will actually wear little mittens. (He likes them because they have a dinosaur on them.)

Big Cheese because we were playing peek-a-boo!

Above: These pictures are from a few days ago. Jade came over to play. Ryan, being the gracious host that he is, got into our pantry and took out everything that he could reach and then piled it on Jade.

At first, she said, "Thank you," and "More." But when it was becoming difficult to see out she got a little worried look.


Keri said...

Brittany, it was fun to see the pictures of the snow! Spencer was that same way with snow last year! To answer your question, we are in North Carolina now, and live about 7 hours from Jared's parents in TN. :)

Pamela said...

He looks like he is having sooooo much fun in the snow! I'm glad he made friends with at least some of his warm clothing so he could go out and play. I LOVE the 'gracious host' pictures, and especially your comments. So cute!!

Jeanette said...

that is funny

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