Thursday, January 21, 2010

8 Months

Yesterday, our little guy turned 8 months. Here's a quick picture update.
The famous pic. of Ry and his Tiger.

Here is one of Ryan's favorite things...get into the news paper and tear it apart.... Unfortunately Mommy takes it away before I can eat any of it!

Ryan just woke up in this picture. He still looks tired to me.

Here's Ryan and Grandpa Roscheck. Thanks for coming down for a visit Richard and for all your help!

Ryan eating his avocado. He grabs the spoon away from me and does it himself. He's not too shabby. Although there is bits of avocado flung about but that's to be excepted with a baby.
Hope ya'll are doing good. Sometime I'll post about something other than Ryan but since he's pretty much my life now there's not much else going on it seems!


Aaron, April & Michael Jacob said...

Brittany - He is a doll! I miss you! Yes, we should get together and walk, and yes, I'll get you my bread recipe. I'll e-mail it to you. I'm excited to catch up and be able to read your blog! Happy day!

Nettina said...

So cute!! And so good to see you the other day, I hope you are all better now :) Matt, thank goodness, did not have an appendicitis, but it took a cat scan at the hospital to figure it out :( All is well though :) Swollen lymph nodes... who knew they could cause so much pain?!

walkerel said...

I can't believe how fast these boys are growing! Ryan looks sure are a good mom! We are headed to San Antonio in May; then the plan right now is to come back to Utah so Mark can get his Master's at Utah State in Logan. So, that's gonna be exciting! How are you guys?

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