Sunday, July 19, 2009

So Big!

I find it difficult to get tummy time in because Ryan is really happy right after he eats. If I put him on his stomach then, he is covered in spit up in two seconds. Later, he is tired and then is really grumpy about stuck on his stomach. Anyway,

Nothing cuter than a boy and his dad! My two favorite people in the whole world. Everyone says that Ryan looks just like his daddy.
David and Constance (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) just had their first and they recently moved to Provo. Here is Ryan and little Jade. I can not believe that Ry ever used to be that little! Isn't she such a doll!?

I am such a slacker. We have had this picture for quite some time. Mike's dad took it when he was down visiting. Anyway-- Here is the family picture. Again, my pictures are in no order as I can't think that far ahead as to what I will say about the pictures.
Here is Ryan smiling! He is doing that a lot more now. The other day I got him to do his first little laugh when I tickled him on his legs. It was so cute. Of course he stopped as soon as Mike got the camera out to video him.

This is right after he got done eating. Doesn't he look like he just finished Thanksgiving dinner and is now ready for a big old nap?


Becky said...

Super cute! I love that pic with Ryan and Mike. I can't believe how big he is already. I can hardly wait to meet him next week! Karen is going to think she died and went to heaven with 2 babies around to sniff and snuggle!

Nettina said...

So cute!

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