Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well, I have a lot of excuses as to why I have not posted more about Ryan. First, I just had a baby-- however, this is not a very good excuse as he is the one I will be posting about most often now. Second, we decided to move last week. It really was not the most convenient time as I am still healing and we were given such short notice but we are getting settled. I was talking with my sister, Becky, who just had a baby and she has already posted twice about him. I was told that moving is just an excuse and not a very good one and she is right!

Thus, here are some pictures of what we have been up to. (In reverse order because I always forget that you have to load your pictures into your blog in reverse order that you want them to show up!)

This is Thanksgiving Point Gardens. They are so beautiful.We went to the children's garden and played in the water. Ryan mostly looked at the trees which he greatly enjoyed. I am holding Ryan in the Sleepy Wrap that Becky got me. He really likes it. Thanks again Aunt Becky.

This picture shows off Ryan's fat little tummy. (My mom calls him spaghetti because he is long and not very plump but he is starting to get a little more rolls on him.)

Daddy and Baby Ry having a little bit of tummy time together!

Below: Aunt Constance and Ry. She is having a little girl soon and Ryan helped her know what is feels like to be a mommy by spitting up all over her after he just ate.

Grandma Fila and Ryan at Thanksgiving Point. This time Grandmas has the sleepy wrap.

And here is Grandma Leavens with Ryan. Thank you for all your help Pamela when we were moving. How could we have managed without you?!

Finally, this is a wall hanging made for Ryan by his Great Grandma Green. She did such a beautiful job as she always does. It is hangs above Ryan's little cradle.


Keri said...

He looks like such a sweet baby! No fun to move right after you have a baby, but at least he won't remember much about it! Thanks for sharing the cute pics!


I am glad you're having fun though sad that you all had to move. Hope all is well at your new home. we'll miss you.

Becky said...

Cute pics! I'm glad I guilted you into posting them. Also, I'm totally jealous as neither James nor John-Luke has recieved a wall hanging from Grandma Green. I'll have to have a talk with her about that sometime soon! Just put in a good word for us when you see her.
Can't wait to see you soon!! I'm so excited that John-Luke and Ryan are so close in age. They are going to be best of cousins!

Christine said...

Well, he looks like a good excuse! How are you doing? How is your new place? It's lonely here without you and Constance. I hope you have a wonderful summer with your little guy, though!

Lisa Puga said...

It's so fun seeing your pictures! Good luck in your new place.

Ben + Amanda said...


He is SUCH a little cutie!! COngrats! Love you! Where did you move to??

Kristi said...

How did you make your family title at the top with your picture? It is so cute, and I want to copy it!!!

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