Saturday, March 7, 2009

Any Ideas?

So for Christmas I got an AeroGarden, from my father in law, which is basically a sure way to grow herbs indoors without killing them. All you do is put in water when it tells you and a little nutrient tablet. Most of my herbs have done quite well. However, I do not know what do with so much mint and dill. Anyone have some good recipes or ideas? The only thing I know to do with mint is make mint tea and I am not a huge fan. I have really enjoyed my chives though. It is fun to have some green inside when everything else is looks dead out my window. Anyway here are the pictures of my little garden. I can't wait until the weather is good and I can start my porch garden again!


Christine said...

Great garden! I love fresh herbs. Not sure about the mint, but I use dill a lot. One of my favorite recipes is to grill some chicken, and top it with a butter-lime-dill-and chive sauce. You just melt the butter and add the other ingredients to taste. It's awesome! I also like dill in pasta salads.

Becky said...

I have a good soup recipe that I got from
Also, just go to allrecipes and put mint into the search and see what pulls up. I'm sure that someone out there knows what to do with it. At the very least you can throw a few leaves into your salad each day. Hope this helps. How about some more prego pics?

Lisa Puga said...

Your plants look great! Indoor gardening is not easy.

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