Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Family Time

My sister Becky, has been in town from Switzerland for the last month and so our family has gotten together a bit more than usual. I finally took a few pictures.

Here's one of Jason (aka Boy), Dad (aka Edpa as he refuses to be called Grandpa), me, and Karen while we were hanging out at Karen's house.

This next one is of Grandma (my mom) and baby Bimmy (James, Becky and Brian's little one).

Other things-- Recently Mike and I have started school back up. Only this time Mike is now a graduate student! He is liking the extra time he has to do research and read. I am taking 4 classes; Human Development, World Religions, Personal Finance and a Parenting class. I am really enjoying them all so far.


Becky said...

Where is my pic? I mean, it is because of me that we are all getting together isn't it?

Christine said...

Hi! With tagging, all you do is copy the questions to your blog and answer them yourself. (You can copy and paste straight from my blog page.) Then you can tag more people if you want to! Can't wait to read your answers! (No pressure.) Hope you're doing well. We miss you. :)

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